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Why I cannot create my account ?
  1. User Name or Email have been registered.
  2. The password is not strong enough. We suggest using the password .
Why I cannot reset password ?

Why fail case occur ?

This is because some cache file stored in your Browser or  some plug in in users’ browser conflict with the website.

Solution :

  1.  Using private browsing (incognito) (Detail : https://goo.gl/MeJjps)
  2.  Clear Browser Cache
  3.  Using another Browsers


Why I cannot Login?
  1. You haven’t pass the Google Recaptcha test
  2. You used a not safety way to Login

Safety Link  : https://blessgiftmall.com/

Some Content can not be loaded?

For better user experience, You are suggested to use Google Chrome to visit Bless Gift Mall.com.

If some content is missing or loading in loop, please refresh the page.

If you have any problem, welcome to contact our IT support via email (longchingco.it@gmail.com).


I have registered an account / I try to reset my password/ I ordered but why I have not received the email ?
Some email account may treat our email as Junk email. Please check the junk mail box.

If still can’t get the mail, please contact us info@blessgiftmall.com

Can I unsubscribe Bless Gift Mall Promotion Email ?
Yes, you can unsubscribe our Promotion Email after logged in to your account.

Can I pay in cash ?
You can choose local pickup the goods. You can visit our office to pick up your products and pay in cash!